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About Us

The history of our company, Ecoro International Co., Ltd., dates back to the year 1999 when the CEO of our company, Masatoshi Haramura saw a vision of providing our customers natural products. Investing in good skincare is everything that a person should do. But spending going burning a hole in pockets is never an option. Now getting back that natural and healthy glow without going over the budget got easier with Chemical Free Body Wash we provide them. As an exporter, we follow our export operations with care to ensure that billions of people living around the world are able to benefit the goodness of nature using our chemical free products. To help all those people have access to the skincare products of impeccable quality, we have setup a widespread supply chain network.

More About Us

We are decades old company, which has made several records and gained high recognition in the skincare products market.


We work with the commitment to popularize our Chemical Free Body Wash that has been introduced with a philosophy of rejecting radioactivity and providing goodness of nature.

Our History

We continue to help our customers achieve the products of impeccable quality at fair prices, through our strongly developed relations with vendors.

Social Contributions

We believe that business social responsibility goes a long and glorious way to create a positive impact in the society. 
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Our products are famous not just in Japan but in many other countries. Leveraging on our products and practices, we are gaining popularity in the market.